Jia Ying proposes to Si Jia

Jia Ying proposes to Si Jia

We have shot quite a few marriage proposals but every single time we embark on one, we are still a bundle of nerves. The same went for Jia Ying’s proposal.

We met Jia Ying once online and once in person to discuss his grand plan. Sounded easy. Friend brings Si Jia in, passes flowers to her, Jia Ying dances, says his speech, ring comes out and propose! Reality was more like – so when should she remove her mask? (we spent quite a while on this one), how would she react? what should friend say when bringing her here? where should the ring be hidden? And many more questions!

So the moment came. We were alerted that Si Jia had parked and was on her way in. That 30 seconds felt like eternity. Jia Ying looked super nervous. The rest of the crew (Us, video crew, and friend) felt the same way. Palms were cold and clammy. And then just as sudden, magic happened. =) Dance was awesome, speech emotional, ring accepted! Mission success!

Congratulations Jia Ying and Si Jia! =)

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